Greg Laurie’s Harvest America 2017 Delivers Org’s Largest 1-Day Audience

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Harvest America at the University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday (June 11, 2017) reached audiences across the country and around the world with a message of God’s love in what became the single largest event in the history of the organization. Evangelist Greg Laurie took the stage Sunday evening in front of a live audience of 38,000 gathered in Glendale, Arizona, as well as even larger simulcast and...

Harvest Crusades Story: ‘I’d Been a Meth Addict For Over 20 Years’

“When I came to the Harvest Crusade it was the last place you would expect me to be, but obviously God had an appointment for me there,” said Thomas, who now serves as a ministry leader for a team at his church that engages new believers with follow-up. “I came to the Harvest in 2008. That’s where I received Christ. I was 43 years old. Up until that point,...