Inspiration Struck My Own ‘Beast in Me’

Inspiration always comes from the supreme source — God. Although, like most phenomenons in life it is hard to pinpoint why or where specifically an idea comes from. I have written before about the calling of an artist to have omnivorous attentiveness and to always observe life with eager expectations. However, sudden inspiration is something that should be bottled immediately. BY SPENCER T. FOLMAR As an example, when I first began writing my next...

3 Vital Sources of Encouragement For Church Leaders

Leadership in the church, a business or any other area of society can be draining at times. There is the constant task of keeping people on track with the vision, keeping multiple projects moving at any given time, and dealing with challenges and obstacles on a regular basis. Maybe you don’t feel like much of a leader, but my guess is that you are leading people more than you realize. One...