Santa Fe High School Shooting: Evil Begins in the Mind

When we see “senseless” acts of murder like the one we saw on Friday at Santa Fe High School we have to remember that a process of thought actually made “sense” of this to the one doing the murdering. That is where evil begins – in the mind. A lie regarding how to best resolve an inner dilemma is considered, accepted, internalized and acted upon. BY KENNY LUCK In this case,...

Pastors Get Help Fighting Loneliness Crisis

A new study aims to help pastors and churches identify demographically where loneliness tends to hit most. Researchers said the study is crucial because the Church is in the best position to help. By CV Outreach Former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy raised the alarm in 2017 on the significant health risks of loneliness, an epidemic affecting more than 40 percent of adults. CV Outreach, an organization that empowers churches to...