Is Trend Towards Spirituality Over Religiosity a Good Thing?

A possible shift by Americans toward spirituality—”measured by self-reported experiences of being connected to something larger than oneself”—and away from religiosity—”measured by frequency of religious attendance and the personal importance of religion,” as indicated in a recent study, produced mixed reactions from Christian leaders. The study finds 29% of Americans are both spiritual and religious; 18% are spiritual but not religious; 22% are not spiritual but religious; and 31% are...

Millennial Vision Caster Answers Call to Mobilize 15,000 for Revival in LA

Dustin Lang, who is an education pastor at Young Nak Celebration Church, has a vision to mobilize 15,000 Christians from different churches, backgrounds, and ethnicities to begin praying for and proclaiming the gospel to Los Angeles. Lang, 30, is seeking revival in L.A. His vision includes leading a group called Revival LA which helped facilitate a gathering of “believers who are desperate for a revival in Los Angeles” at Bel Air Presbyterian...

Global Church Planter’s Vision to Reach Millennials Begins in Downtown LA

Pastor and church planter Jimmie Davidson wants to help millennials get over the whole “church thing” which apparently, for whatever reasons and according to recent stats, is causing a mass exodus from traditional Sunday services. Davidson is the visionary behind TheBrooks.Church, designed to help people who are accustomed to watching church services through the Internet or on TV “become people with a church” wherever they meet. He is aiming high, hoping...