Families Belong Together Rally Missing Christians?

It seemed like every people group imaginable showed up to support the #FamiliesBelongTogether march in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday (6/30/18) — except for Christians. BY JON GARCIA Tens of thousands of people crowded the steps of City Hall as they chanted, sang songs, and held signs in display of solidarity against the separation of migrant children from their undocumented parents. The incidents of such action at the nation’s southern border...

Can the Anthem Become an Idol? MATT INGALLS COMMENTARY

In the year 112, two women led the Christian congregation in Bithynia (modern Turkey). We know almost nothing about them: neither names, nor stories. We do know they were enslaved, which meant their rights were limited—no right to marry, have control of their own bodies, keep their children, make money, etc. BY MATT INGALLS/RELEVANT MAGAZINE Their station in the world would have depended entirely upon the will of their master(s), who...