Dignity Answer To Racially Charged Times; Civil Rights Leader at Saddleback

LOS ANGELES — Pastor Rick Warren countered the nation’s racially charged times that led to troubling events in 2017 by opening up the first church services of the new year at Saddleback with author and civil rights activist John Perkins center stage talking about dignity. “Mankind was created to bare the image of God. Dignity reflects the soul; that dignity that God gave you. You don’t give dignity, you affirm...

Top 7 Answers For Racial Reconciliation From a Christian Perspective

Ninety-five Christian leaders from many parts of the U.S. answered the call to promote racial reconciliation and combat “systemic segregation in the American church” in a piece published by the Mosaix Global Network on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation on October 31. “Love God. Love the Different. The same.” – Dave Gibbons, XEALOTS https://t.co/F5V0mW5RwP #racialreconciliation #reformation — Together LA (@Together_LA) November 3, 2017 The “95 Theses” was written in the hope...

Racial and Class Division: What Have We Learned?

I can still remember seeing the news footage of white truck driver, Reginald Denny being pulled from his semi-trailer and beaten by a group of African American men in the street at Florence and Normandie in Los Angeles. This seemed to me at the time a horrific conclusion to the news footage about a year earlier of the vicious beating of an African American man named Rodney King by Los...