Conflict of Interest? 5 Scientists Who Believe In God

Do scientists believe in God? Can science and religion live in unity? BY BILLY HALLOWELL These are key questions that continue to be asked in an era in which these two essential arenas are often positioned as being in eternal conflict. Reality, though, paints a very different picture. The two, in fact, go hand-in-hand, with many scientists embracing a belief in God — and some even openly embracing the Christian...

Is Trend Towards Spirituality Over Religiosity a Good Thing?

A possible shift by Americans toward spirituality—”measured by self-reported experiences of being connected to something larger than oneself”—and away from religiosity—”measured by frequency of religious attendance and the personal importance of religion,” as indicated in a recent study, produced mixed reactions from Christian leaders. The study finds 29% of Americans are both spiritual and religious; 18% are spiritual but not religious; 22% are not spiritual but religious; and 31% are...