Mission Trips of a Different Kind: Diving Into the World’s Financial Districts

Thinking about mission trips to impoverished countries as about only reaching the poor is a thing of the past, says Resource Global visionary and leader Tommy Lee. Editor’s Note: Tommy Lee played a key role in the Together LA 2015 conference, facilitating and hosting an amazing list of speakers and organizations. The reality is that many of these same countries where Christians went out in multitudes to share the gospel in...

Stepping Away From High-Level British Petroleum Job Included Unusual Prayer

LA MIRADA — When it came to making a life-changing career choice that included potentially walking away from millions of dollars, Ed Cannon didn’t want to wait for a still, small voice from God to tell him what to do. Cannon, who left a 25-year-career in the oil industry, including progressive leadership positions with British Petroleum, Amoco and Standard Oil Company, is president and CEO of Far East Broadcasting Company...

Eden Chen: On Mission To Lead Business Leaders In Jakarta, Nairobi, and Shanghai

EL SEGUNDO — Resource Global is in perfect position to lead a movement of business leaders who successfully live out their faith in Jesus at the workplace in major metropolises, said board member Eden Chen recently. “There are some great programs out there that are training young Christians to see the importance of work and how that applies to their faith,” Chen said. “But I think Resource Global is unique...