A Little Respect and Mouth Wide Shut – TLA Stories of the Week

This summer is proving to be one of the most bizarrely intense in my lifetime. BY ALEX MURASHKO TogetherLA, Editor Personally, I’m doing great! Jesus loves me, this I know! It’s hearing about tragedy after tragedy, in many shapes and sizes, that’s tough. Add to that a highly uncivil political climate in the U.S. and parts unknown and you have the perfect firestorm for more trouble this summer with more than a...

Rick Warren: How To Be Remarkable in an Increasingly Rude World

To help introduce his sermon topic last weekend, Pastor Rick Warren rhetorically asked his congregation at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, and a global online audience whether the world is becoming more respectful or more disrespectful. BY ALEX MURASHKO TogetherLA, Editor The question shouldn’t be too hard for anyone in the United States to answer, especially considering today’s political climate in America. Just prior to asking the question, Warren pointed to the...

Reaching a Changing World with God’s Unchanging Word

In ministry, some things must never change but others must change constantly. Clearly, God’s five purposes for his church are non-negotiable. If a church fails to balance the five purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism, then it’s no longer a healthy church, and it’s in danger of becoming simply a social club. On the other hand, the way or style in which we fulfill these eternal purposes must continually...