Is Your Church Guilty of Legalism?

Throughout history, there have been churches that were licentious and loose, but there have also been churches run rampant with legalism. BY STEVE CHA PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVE Editor’s Note: This article is part one of two on “Is Your Church Guilty of Legalism?” Part two can be read here. It is true to this day, for legalism isn’t a practice that was restricted only to the confines of the 1st century Phariseeism that...

What Evangelism is Not; A Closer Look at Today’s Practices

Christians seek to be an influence to others. Church plants pray for revival in the city. Parachurch organizations plan movements that seek to advance the cause of the kingdom in the city. The action begins, and everyone now seems to be doing “evangelism.” It might not come as a surprise that everyone does evangelism differently and even have different opinions on what constitutes evangelism. In our day and age, evangelism...

4 Principles of Defending the Christian Faith

It seems that with each passing generation, the society in the Western world has become increasingly skeptical, if not hostile, towards Christianity or the Christian faith. What was once the guiding worldview for much of Western civilization has now been traded in for a postmodern worldview that affirms no absolute truth or reality. BY STEVE CHA GRACE CITY LA Secular humanistic philosophy also drives much of America today, a worldview that excludes...