Sinful or Permissible? A Deeper Look Into the Grey Areas of Life

The church is filled with people of all personalities. In it you’ll find Christians with different convictions concerning matters that the Bible does not teach explicitly as right or wrong. These practices are known as liberty issues. BY STEVE CHA The topic is thoroughly developed in passages like 1 Corinthians 9 and Romans 14, which talk about the proper exercise of liberty. Because they are not expressly forbidden in Scripture, these...

Inspiration Struck My Own ‘Beast in Me’

Inspiration always comes from the supreme source — God. Although, like most phenomenons in life it is hard to pinpoint why or where specifically an idea comes from. I have written before about the calling of an artist to have omnivorous attentiveness and to always observe life with eager expectations. However, sudden inspiration is something that should be bottled immediately. BY SPENCER T. FOLMAR As an example, when I first began writing my next...

5 Reasons We Struggle to Be a Friend of Sinners

Amazingly, Jesus, the most holy person to ever walk the face of the earth, was also known as a “friend of sinners.” (see Matthew 11:19) One of my pastors recently shared – out of all of the names and attributes of God throughout the Bible, there is only one that is actually attainable by you and me – friend of sinners. Since we are called to follow Jesus, it should be...