Have Christians Lost Their Credibility? TLA Stories of the Week

Today, while doing TLA Stories of the Week (below) I realized that we should talk more often about how us Christians (as a whole and as individuals) are perceived. Another words, let’s talk credibility. Sure, it’s not healthy to focus too much on what other people think of us, but like a football coach showing game films (video) of Sunday’s game on Monday to his team, the practice of reviewing...

The Shocking Reasons Christians Have Lost Credibility in Today’s Culture

We’d like to say we were shocked, but the truth is, we were expecting the criticism. My friend and marketing expert Jonathan Bock and I were asking people on the street what they thought about “Christians.” BY PHIL COOKE AND JONATHAN BOCK The response? Hypocritical, judgmental, harsh, phony, insensitive, bigoted, and exclusive. Not exactly the “Fruit of the Spirit” the Bible describes as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,...

Phil Cooke, ‘The Way Back,’ and ‘The Approaching Cultural Storm’ at Proclaim 18

LOS ANGELES — Gale-force winds may already be here, but a discussion about “The Approaching Cultural Storm” led by top Christian media consultant and producer Phil Cooke is scheduled for a super session on Wednesday at the National Religious Broadcasters 75th Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. “There’s such a disconnect between how Christians see themselves and how the world sees them,” Cooke, who is co-founder of the LA-based Cooke Pictures,...