Christian Leaders Plan To Hold ‘State-Of-The-Church’ Talk On Integration

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Pastors and leaders in the Christian-based education community plan to hold a “state-of-the-church” panel discussion on integration at Chosen Generation Church in Long Beach on Saturday (Jan 20) from 9 am to noon. NEWS RELEASE The guest speakers are going to tackle the question of whether the church in America has advanced much past the declaration made by Martin Luther King Jr. 56 years ago that Sunday...

LA Pastors’ Bottom Line: We Want to Help the City That We Live In

In conclusion of TogetherLA’s 4-part series on LA pastors who participated in a panel, we ask again: Is there hope for the City of Angels even though it often appears so broken, so filled with spiritual poverty among its people that a diagnosis may very well be — beyond repair? The answer as expressed by the four pastors that met at the beginning of this summer for a TogetherLA pop-up...

‘Beautiful’ Westside Striken with Spiritual Poverty a Unified Church Can Cure

From outward appearances it looks as though people on the Westside have everything they need to capture happiness. However, there is a spiritual poverty, especially among the young, that a unified Church can cure, says a longtime Santa Monica pastor. PART THREE – STEVE SNOOK ON THE WESTSIDE “Being on the Westside, you see some things differently,” Steve Snook, lead pastor of Metro Church, told Together LA (SEE VIDEO BELOW). “We...