Backyard BBQ Evangelism: True Story Of Outside-The-Church-Walls Ministry

We have to start letting go of some of our long-held ideas about church and ministry. Especially when it comes to evangelism and outreach. But it’s not always easy. Here’s a true story that illustrates that reality. (I’ve kept some details vague, and adjusted others slightly to protect the identity of the pastor and church in question.) The Backyard BBQ Recently, I was talking with a small church pastor who was upset at...

Did Billy Joel Have It Right? Has It Always Been a Matter of Trust?

It would be easy for me to say that I’m constantly searching for the will of God. But I would only be fooling myself. And if I told another person that, it would be a lie. The truth is that God has a very long leash. He lets me gravitate towards my will all the time. Unfortunately, I can hang out in that my-will-world way too long. Fortunately, God loves me...