Interview: World Impact West’s New Los Angeles City Director

Pastor Cedric Nelms, who leads Chosen Generation Church in Long Beach, describes himself as “a husband, father, pastor, soon-to-be author, speaker, lover of learning, middle school teacher, and a dude that just loves sharing my experiences with people.” In July, he was named as World Impact West’s city director for Los Angeles. Earlier this summer, Nelms was one of four pastors participating in a TogetherLA pop-up panel to discuss both hope...

World Impact’s Urban Church Assoc Develops Trust and Unity

The office of Pastor can be compared to having children, it can be a wonderful experience but it can leave you with a few gray hairs. The calling of pastors is one that is typically approached with honor and an awareness that the work of the office has a lot to do with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is something that pastors need but the other thing that is...

Urban Church Planter: First, What Does the City Need?

To truly be an urban pastor planting an urban church one must first get to know the broken parts of the city, said Pastor Cedric Nelms of Chosen Generation Church in Long Beach, during a panel discussion about Los Angeles. PART TWO – CEDRIC NELMS “We are very diverse here in our city and I think the best way for us to come together is to be able to plant transformational...