Theology of Work [VIDEO]; CFWLA Program Framework Fellows

How Work Leads to Transformation in God’s Kingdom

Dr. Art Lindsley, VP of Theological Initiatives at the Institute for Faith Work & Economics, describes how a proper theology of work explains how our work was designed to lead to “transformation in God’s Kingdom” and flourishing for this world.

(This talk was given at the CFWLA 2018 Conference: God@Work)



We are still receiving applications for Framework Fellows, the flagship program for CFWLA. The application process will close upon filling up available slots for the fall cohort. Framework provides a once-in-a-lifetime in-depth training for believers to have the most impact while serving God’s work through their vocational lives. Some have described it as an advanced certificate program merging core content from a masters program in theology with an executive leadership program.

Pray about applying to Framework and reach out if you have any questions ( And recommend Framework to a friend or colleague who may benefit from this program as well!

Here’s a link to more info, how to apply, and a short video with others’ experiences of the program:



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