Could Today’s Activism Be Going in the Wrong Direction?

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What is really going on in culture today, both practically and spiritually speaking? Could the rampant activism we see now be going in the wrong direction?

Today’s problems don’t simply exist at a level that’s clearly visible to everyone and commonly talked about. They exist at another level. And really, the problems are only one problem — the heart of the guy who lacks character. The poor and wrong choices men make create a lot of the injustices. For example, the choices men make are the impetus behind sex-trafficking, domestic violence, the orphan epidemic, and fatherlessness, just to name a few.

What would happen if all the energy spent on today’s activism, which addresses problems only on the surface level, went to the root level instead?

As a men’s expert, Kenny has a different perspective than today’s activists. The problem will never be solved by skimming the issue or simply reacting to the issue. The only way to talk about solutions to the issues of injustice is by changing the heart, character, and conduct of a man. When you do that then you are talking about a solution.

The best response is to deal with the issues where they actually exist: in the hearts of men.

Listen to a brief word from Kenny on this topic below!

Kenny Luck on Activism from Every Man Ministries on Vimeo.

Published with permission from Every Man Ministries.



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