‘Unbridled’ To Screen at 168 Film Festival

The 168 Film Festival announced today that on Saturday, August 26th, it will screen the victory-over-human-trafficking feature film, Unbridled, starring T.C. Stallings (War Room; Courageous), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight; The Pope of Greenwich Village) and Tea McKay, (Pass the Light, The Iceman).

Tickets are available at www.168Film.com.

Human Trafficking must be addressed on multiple fronts. ‘Unbridled’ focuses on redemption and healing. – John David Ware

Unbridled is based on true stories of at risk, teen girls assisted by equine therapy at a North Carolina non-profit ranch called Corral Riding Academy. The film shot in Raleigh NC, which is situated along the infamous I-95 corridor, a gateway to traffickers. Sex Trafficking is estimated to involve hundreds of thousands of victims in all 50 states, including many children. It may be the fastest growing criminal industry at $9 billion dollars per year.

According to the film’s director, John David Ware, “This issue must be addressed on multiple fronts. Unbridled focuses on redemption and healing. It shows a great victory in this battle. At it’s heart, Unbridled is a girl-and-her-horse-film with a girl that powerfully overcomes great difficulties.”

In the film, Sarah (Tea McKay) escapes from her mother’s (Dey Young – Pretty Woman) maniacal boyfriend, Roger (Eric Roberts). As Sarah begins to heal at the Academy, she learns to trust humans again by bonding with Dreamer, a badly abused horse that no one can touch. Roger will stop at nothing to get her back under his control.

Unbridled is appropriate for children aged 12 and above. A discussion with director John David Ware and actor T.C. Stallings will occur immediately after the screening.

The film also stars Jenn Gotzon (Frost/Nixon), David Topp (Beverly Hills Canine Country Club) and Rachel Hendrix (October Baby).

The 15-years-runnning 168 Film Festival is known as a vehicle for filmmakers and actors to launch careers. Lead actress Tea McKay was cast based on her excellent work in the 168 Film Project.

In 2018, 168 Film will produce a feature film with the top short film producer of 2017. 168 has birthed over 1,000 short films in 14 years.

168 Film Festival sponsors include Advent Media, Roush Media, Tiffin/Steadicam and Arri.


Tea McKay with Dreamer. (Courtesy of 168 Film Project)



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