Who Really Sponsored the Las Vegas Shooter?


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There is nearly 100 percent agreement from all political sides and viewpoints that the horrific tragedy that transpired in Las Vegas was an act of evil. So, why does so much of the reactionary movement since that event drift away from the root of the problem to focusing energy instead on gun control or racial perspective or other issues?

The vast majority of the reactions that took place after the mass shooting in Vegas are normal. After something like this happens we tend to deal with it from the outside in, but when we do that we miss dealing with the root issue.

Let’s bring the discussion of how and why into the level at which it actually exists, which is the nature of evil. At the root of the issue: beliefs drive behaviors. If beliefs drive behaviors, who is sponsoring the beliefs?

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Somewhere along the way Stephen Paddock believed a lie, a justification, a rationalization, an evil belief that resulted in the loss of many lives. The devil sponsored that lie because he is a liar and a murderer seeking to control the flesh of men to produce what he wants, which is murder. Jesus talked with perfect clarity and perfect authority when he talked about the devil. In fact, he gave the devil two names: he is the father of lies and murderer from the beginning.

In the Bible, God says very simple things about the mind:
1) Your mind is made for God
2) Your mind is evil’s target
3) Your mind is going to make the difference

We have to win the battle of the mind, which will ultimately bring behaviors that bring life and bless others.

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