Woman’s Dream Gathering Becomes Real at Grace City LA Church

Kimberly Yu’s dream from more than a dozen years ago to hold a gathering that highlights the transformative life stories of women who have suffered much and gained hope through Jesus becomes real this Saturday (May 12, 2018).

“I know God can heal broken hearts and broken souls and that’s really what this conference is about,” said Yu in an interview with TogetherLA about the upcoming HOPE Conference to be held at Grace City LA. “We want women to know that they are not alone and that there’s hope.”

Together LA - Kimberly Yu - HOPEYu, who said she experienced a myriad of difficult times and bad choices, believes God clearly showed her a dream or a vision of a meeting in which five “regular” women walked up in front of a gathering of women, one at a time to speak about how their lives used to be and what God has done in their lives.

Pastor Steve Cha of Grace City LA, a young church in downtown LA, said the HOPE Conference is the church’s first ever. This is a women’s conference designed to exhort women struggling in depression, anxiety, hopelessness, lack of purpose, and sin issues that can only be healed in the gospel of Jesus Christ, the church stated.

“It is also a great equipping day for women desiring the practical tools to help exhort other lost and hurting women in the faith,” organizers said.

The guest speakers include Marlene Barba, Kimberly Yu, Hope Delabar, Cynthia Shutt, and Liza Uriarte. A time of worship, fellowship, Q&A, and prayer will also be included. The free conference is scheduled for 10 am to 4 pm.

Yu, who will also be one of the speakers, described the speakers as not necessarily experts in the sense of having a professional identity. “We are experts from the school of hard knocks. In the street game. How to survive when you don’t have a choice,” she said.

“There’s lots of stories I can tell you right now about how I shouldn’t even be alive right now,” Yu said. Testimonies of transformation will include periods of homelessness, prostitution, addiction, physical and mental abuse, and the loss of loved ones.

Yu said she was shown through attending a recent marriage conference that it’s okay for those giving testimony to still be going through a process.

She said that she heard from people that “still need healing and [their testimonies] are still very real and raw.”

“That’s what God wants to bring to that stage. He wants those testimonies not to be powdered up and read from a paper word for word. He wants it to come from the soul of those women just like the vision he gave me more than 12 years ago,” she explained.

This conference is FREE. Please RSVP here to reserve a spot for you and your guests.



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