Do Words Spoken Without Love Have a Sound?

Do Words Spoken Without Love Have a Sound

Pastor Jarrid Wilson illustrates 1 Corinthians 13:1, that states, “Without love, I am nothing more than a resounding gong or clanging cymbal,” loud and clear in this video. Not too long ago, here in America, we finished a harrowing political campaign season. Perhaps some of us need to let this one really sink in… for such a time as this.

Jarrid Wilson is a husband, dad, pastor, author and inspirational blogger.


His articles have been viewed by tens-of-millions, showcased on some of today’s hottest talk shows, and featured on national news stations worldwide. He is a dynamic speaker whose outside-the-box perspectives have gained him national recognition from some of today’s most influential Christian leaders and pastors.

His highly unconventional way of sharing faith takes a fresh look at the way Jesus would call individuals to live out their everyday lives. Unafraid to tackle tough and controversial topics, Jarrid is known for his refreshing perspectives on what others may view as set in black and white. His blog is one of the most talked about faith-based blogs on the web, and his dedication to authenticity and transparency for the sake of that faith has been paramount to his success as a writer.

Jarrid and his wife Juli live in Nashville, Tennessee with their two boys, Finch and Denham.

His newest book entitled, Jesus Swagger is now available worldwide.



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