Yellow Co Leaves a Lasting (and Instagram-able) Mark on Downtown LA

I never found God in church, I found God in service.

If you’re looking for a community of women who care about bringing pieces of heaven into the darkest places of earth, and who look amazing while doing it, look no further than Yellow Co. This women’s entrepreneurial conference has been gathering in LA since 2013. For every insight you’ll hear about how to grow your brand, you’ll likely hear two times as many insights into how to be a change-agent of love. Here’s some highlights from this year’s gathering.

Liz Forkin Bohannon

The conference kicked-off with a keynote from the Sseko Designs’ founder Liz Forkin Bohannon. Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion line offering dignified employment to women in East Africa. Liz’s bright energy and business acumen landed her on Shark Tank in 2015, and she brought that same energy to Yellow Co. Reading excerpts from her soon-to-be released book, Beginner’s Pluck, she shattered inspirational tropes, instead offering down-to-earth remixes.

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HOLY BATMAN. It’s official. I wrote a book. (It launches in October but you can preorder it TODAY!) . It almost killed me (maybe I’ll tell you about it some day 😅) but I wrote a book! . It’s been one of the most difficult and scary and awesome and anxiety producing thing I’ve ever done and I should own stock in TUMS because 🤢🤢🤢but no matter the extreme non-stop nausea, I wrote A REAL LIFE BOOK THAT OTHER PEOPLE WILL READ 😅😭😜🙏🏽. . Beginner’s Pluck contains some of my greatest pluck ups as well as some of the most precious truths and lessons I’ve learned over the last ten years of building a life of purpose, passion and impact and teaching and encouraging thousands of others to do the same. I hope it makes you laugh, challenges nearly everything you think you know about “finding your passion” 🙄 and makes you feel more excited and equipped than ever to get out there and let your freak flag fly while you make the world a little brighter in a way that only you can do. . Insta friends: Will you join me and be my plucky ride or dies? Head to my bio and join my launch team! . If you join the launch team, you’ll get a FREE signed copy! And a FREE audiobook! And a FREE @ssekodesigns Brave Bracelet? And prints and downloads and access to secret book clubs and YOU GET A CAR! AND A HUMP BACK WHALE! (Jk. But just about the cars and whales.) . There are limited spots (because those goodies ain’t free!) So sign up pronto if you want in! . This book is the fruit of a community of dreamer and doers and I’d just love for you to be a part of this chapter of the story we’re writing together. . Pluck, yeah! . #beginnerspluck

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Notably, she encouraged attendees to “dream small.” Liz explained that “when you take that massive dream and break it down to a small dream you become a ‘do-er…’ Small dreams are so powerful because they make you do…. That small dream matters because it propels you forward.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

Another stand out speaker was Morgan Harper Nichols­, a writer, artist and musician. When a hand-written poem she published surprisingly went viral in 2016, she began to step into her calling to share her art with the world. Her Instagram posts and prints speak to our deepest fears and breathe a message of hope into these dark corners of our minds.

Larayia Gaston

On day two, we were blown away by Larayia Gaston’s work with Lunch On Me. She’s passionate about bringing tangible love into LA’s Skid Row community and her organization brings organic meals, yoga and other holistic healing services to Skid Row. Lunch On Me prioritizes radical love above everything else. Larayia explained, “we just knew we would chase authenticity and love without reason, and that was enough.” She was bold to discuss the role racism plays in poverty, mentioning the highly disproportionate ratio of black and brown people living in homelessness. Larayia wanted to truly understand Skid Row, so she set up camp and lived there for 43 days, building lasting relationships and trust along the way. For her, this radical commitment to service has spiritual origins. “I never found God in church, I found God in service.”

Other remarkable speakers included Terces Engelhart (Café Gratitude’s Founder), Vera Leung (IJM’s Creative Director), Barrett Ward (ABLE’s CEO), Officially Quigley and a live taping of The Unspoken Podcast featuring Ruthie Lindsey, Miles Adcox and MILCK. Each speaker combined business insights and radical kindness in their inspiring presentations.

If Yellow sounds like an uplifting community that you’d like to join, you don’t have to wait until next year’s conference to plug in. For only $6.99 a month, you can become a Yellow Member for annual content access. Oh…. And of course, you’ll want to follow Yellow Co on Instagram as well!



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