You May Need To Deal with Your Anger

I recently read a report from the Mental Health Organization called Boiling Point. Here are a couple of things that stood out:

More than one in ten (12%) say that they have trouble controlling their own anger.

More than one in four people (28%) say that they worry about how angry they sometimes feel.


So how do you know if you have an anger problem? Let me give you a few qualifiers from my new book, U Mad? that may help you.

One of the signs that your anger is out of control is when you have a tendency to take it out on people other than the source of where it came from. This is called displaced anger, and we’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another. However, if this is your habit, you may need God’s style of anger management.

Together LA - U Mad Dimitri BradleyYou need anger management if you are mad with God because things did not turn out the way you wanted them to. We all get angry with God occasionally—or sad or disappointed. But when you don’t get your way, do you regularly find yourself ticked off at God? Do you find yourself still angry with God over things that happened months, years, even decades ago? If so, you probably have an anger problem.

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You may need anger management if you tend to get angry a lot, and later you learn that it was not justified because you did not have all the facts. If you often regret getting angry and have to apologize because you misunderstood something, took something wrong, or simply were ignorant when you went off, this may describe you.

Do any of these sound like you? If so, let me propose that traditional anger management isn’t enough. You are more than a physical and psychological being; you’re a spiritual being, too. And because God is a spiritual God, there are ways He has designed for helping us deal with our anger that are unique to Him and will help you at a spiritual level. If you’d like to learn what God showed me about dealing my own anger problem, I invite you to join me in learning the simple steps that revolutionized my life, which I share in U Mad? You won’t regret the effort to change—but if you stay angry, I guarantee that sooner or later, you will regret not trying to deal with your own anger problem God’s way.

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Pastor Dimitri Bradley is senior pastor of The City Church Richmond, in Richmond, Virginia. Find out more at



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